Barrelates – A 60 minute Pilates workout class that combines ballet barre work, light weights and Pilates matwork, concluding with yoga stretching to lengthen your body and increase your flexibility. All levels welcome!

Forever Young Yoga – Mobility, balance and coordination are the cornerstones of our Forever Young class. There is no age limit to living healthy in body and mind.  This class provides a blend of gentle, safe and progressive movement mixed in with yoga inspired stretching to keep you “Forever Young”. Great class for beginners of all ages.

Gentle Pilates – This gentle Pilates class incorporates elements from classical Pilates exercises focusing on teaching key Pilates principles.  This class is taught at a slower pace with emphasis on proper technique, execution and progressions. All levels welcome!

Gentle Yoga – This is a softer, more gently paced class that is meant to cultivate an internal meditative experience while stretching and recharging the body.  Gentle yoga is less strenuous and best for beginners, or those looking for a calm class that incorporates breathing, postures and movement.  A great place to start if you are new to yoga!

Gentle Flow – This class is less strenuous than our regular Yoga Flow class.  Flow sequences combined with yoga postures will strengthen and stretch you from head to toe.  The practice will finish with a full body stretch.

Hatha – A traditional style yoga class that incorporates breathing, postures and meditation to bring the body, mind and soul into balance.  This is a great class to try if you are looking to enhance your practice, or are new to yoga.

Hatha & Meditation – This class includes the practices of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Create a mind-body connection by exploring mindfulness through yoga postures, breath work, and guided meditation practices.  All levels welcome!

Meditation – A guided meditation class that will provide you with relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques. Explore meditation processes through different guided meditations and visualization practices.  New, novice and experienced meditators will find a place in this class.

Pilates – Are you interested in building a solid foundation to elate your core?  Our mat Pilates class will teach you to use your body more efficiently and target key structures that support your core during work or play.  Pilates uses controlled movements, proper alignment and breathing to strengthen all core muscles. All levels welcome!

Power Yoga – A stronger more vigorous class, Power Yoga is ideal for those looking for a more athletic form of yoga.  This class will introduce you to the basics of power yoga, with a strong emphasis on breath and movement.

Restorative Yoga – Join us for this amazing class that will slowly move your body in all directions while being fully supported with the right props.  Rest quietly in poses accompanied by eye pillows and soft music and surrender into deep relaxation.  This class is deeply nurturing and appropriate for everyone.

Somatic Movement – Are you tired, feeling stressed and need a posture break? Somatics uses gentle, easy to learn movement patterns and breathing exercises to relax muscles. Brings greater awareness to the body and releases unconscious holding patterns and unwanted tension. Movements are slow and deliberate, soothing the nervous system and regulating the breath. All levels are welcome.

SomaYin – This class combines the gentle movements of Somatic Movement with the relaxing stretch of Yin Yoga. Students will do Somatic exercises first to lengthen the muscles and then drop into Yin stretch poses. This allows the students to go a little further into the Yin stretch while keeping the integrity and safety of the pose.

Yin and Meditation – A series of Yin Yoga postures followed by a period of guided meditation.  Release tension, be present and enjoy this calming yoga class! Yin and Meditation together allow time for reflection, release and reenergizing of the body while quieting the mind.  This is a gentle, mindful practice. All levels welcome!

Yin Yoga – A Yin practice works deep connective tissues and increases energy flow in the body, releasing any energetic blockages. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Props are used to aid in physical release of tension without adding undue stress to the body. All levels welcome!

Yoga Flow – Vinyasa flow is a class where yoga postures are connected through breath for a more vigorous and athletic approach to your practice.  This level of class is often built around sun salutations and is sometimes called power yoga.  Vinyasa flow builds heat, endurance, strength and flexibility with a strong focus on the core through postures and breath work. Previous yoga experience is recommended.