Blog Writer/Social Media Assistant

It was the late 1990s when I first practiced yoga. My Mom had signed us up for a 6 week course taught at a rustic cottage on the outskirts of a small town. The instructor had shaved her head and changed her name to one I couldn’t pronounce, but she weaved the magic that comes with a great class. I loved it then, and have since, but like many great love affairs, we had our ups and downs, yoga and I. We even had the occasional breakup. Nevertheless, any time life has thrown me a curveball, yoga, like my family, has been there for me. Ironically, or perhaps not, so has writing. So, the opportunity to combine writing and yoga in this blog, for a studio I adore, literally makes my heart sing, and to be honest, stop. I’m just a girl, living in this great city of Ottawa, practicing yoga, on and off the mat; while drinking coffee, and occasionally binge watching Netflix.