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Well, I’m Slim Shady…

Have you ever lost your mojo?  Your self-confidence?  Your aplomb?  It happened to me a few weeks ago. I was sort of drifting, more emotional than usual (and ask around, that’s pretty emotional), just feeling unsure.  This may sound silly to some, but honestly I kind of lost my pluck. … Read more

Rock on Hanuman

I always appreciate those of you who become really active in the summer months.  Evening walks, running marathons, enjoying the outdoors.  I love the outdoors very much, but in the heat of the summer I often become more of a cocktails on the dock kind of girl than a run … Read more

Join the Kegel Revolution…

So, apparently there is a kegel revolution. Yes, those kegels, and yes a revolution.  An uncomfortable topic to be sure, but an important one for everyone, yes everyone.  So any Dudes that were going to stop reading here, hang in there.  This is for you too. Honestly, this is uncomfortable … Read more

Ahead by a century…

Shortly after my last blog post, someone I respect and admire asked me to explain the concept of enlightenment.  I enthusiastically agreed, after all, I have had faith forever and practiced and taught yoga for years. Oh, how my ego takes me down every time.  I’ve mentioned before, I’m a … Read more

Big Toes and Kaleidoscopes…

I have been struggling with my feet lately, and honestly, this is a little hard on my ego.  I am a yogini, and for that matter a Pisces, we are supposed to have good strong feet.  Also, I really like pretty shoes and these days if I wear them for … Read more

Wearing Nothing but a Smile….

It really is wonderful how in the last decade, yoga has become much more mainstream.  It hasn’t been that long since the only yoga classes you could find were in the back of a random health food store or the basement of the local church.  Now, there are beautiful yoga … Read more

Man/Woman’s Best Friend…Downward Dog

Remember when we were kids and we used to hang upside down all the time…from the monkey bars, in trees, and on the back of the couch while watching Sesame Street.  We knew what we were doing, well, maybe not for everything.  We may not have known our right from … Read more

Do the leggings make the yogi?

I have 27 pairs of yoga leggings.  That may seem excessive, well, because it is a bit.  I could justify this by explaining some are fleece lined, some are capris, but honestly yoga leggings, like peanut butter cups and tree pose, are my kryptonite. Much to my absolute delight, yoga … Read more

Spring is here…maybe…

Ahhh, spring!  The snow is melting, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, spring is definitely here…well maybe.  I live in Ottawa and spring can be fickle, especially in the beginning it plays with our mind a little bit.  You smell it in the air and the next morning … Read more

The Space Between…

Sometimes when I am teaching, particularly a Hatha class or maybe a Vinyasa Flow and I invite the students to pause for a moment, I can almost feel the wave of annoyance ripple through the room.  What!? Pause!? We don’t want to pause. We don’t have time to pause.  Go, … Read more

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