In-Studio Offering
Saturday, September 23, 2023
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Energy Medicine Yoga

EMYoga is the marriage of two powerful and transformational practices. Each one has its own depth and inspiring benefits in its’ own right. When combined, magic happens.

Energy Roadmap
Energy Medicine introduces you to your own energies, it is your roadmap. It can develop an intricate conversation between your actions and your own responses. It is a rich resource of quick tools to affect changes and shifts so that you can thrive.

Open and Expand
Yoga is ancient wisdom. It provides the space needed for energy to move. Energy needs to move. It works with energetic pathways to open and expand you in all aspects. At a minimum, Yoga gets the physical and energetic body pumping.

Combining these two practices is a natural. Both of these practices are part of my daily routine. When I do them together, the result is alchemy. I feel amazing, powerful, energized and ready for anything. Welcome to Energy Medicine Yoga.

What you will learn in this workshop:

• Basics of energy medicine as seen by Donna Eden;
• Several energy exercises that: 1. keep our basic energies solid 2. Keep our energy systems communicating and 3. bring resilience;
• How to incorporate these techniques into your yoga practice or yoga class; and
• A short basic energy routine.

This workshop ends with an Energy Medicine Yoga practice — Open to all levels.

Fee: $149 + HST (includes detailed practice handout)
Beyond Benefits Members: $126.65 plus HST

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About Lisa Nanni
Advanced Practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine, authorized Eden Method Teacher, Reiki Master & Certified Kundalini Yoga and EMYoga Teacher.
For over 35 years as an educator, I’ve been tuning in to the energy patterns of possibility and potential, health and vitality, and sharing these through teaching. I enjoyed my studies in Education, Marine Biology and Computers from McGill University in Montreal. Given the time, I would have kept going, as I love learning. I’ve been passionately weaving in my world of energy into all teaching areas from skiing to swimming, elementary school to high school, Reiki classes to Yoga classes, and a variety of energy and nature-based courses in between. As both an educator and avid learner, I’ve been complimenting my knowledge base with continuing education on all things related to energy, unified physics, and the natural world.

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