Yoga and Ayurveda
Teaching Private Classes
50-hour advanced training
Thursdays June 1 to August 10
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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Teaching private yoga classes where we tailor the practice to meet the starting point and aspirations of the individual is a special opportunity for both student and teacher. Like teaching group classes, teaching private yoga is a technique and an art. There are many approaches to teaching private yoga. We can simply teach a class, we can teach from a mechanical perspective and help the student find better physical alignment, we can mix yoga with other specialties we may have such as fitness or physio.

Sylvie’s favourite approach to teaching private yoga is to align the yoga practice with Ayurveda and she has been teaching this way for many years. It has been an aspiration to share what she has learned and support other teachers in this process for quite some time and we are happy to share that the time has finally arrived.

What you will learn:
Identify your students dosha; Clarify their aspirations in yogic terms and create sequences to harmonize their dosha while pranfying their sattva. If we can do that, most things fall into place. You will also learn how to inform your students that you are offering this service by using relatable language.

This inspired living 50-hour certification includes:

  • Sequencing asanas to balance doshas
  • Combining mantras with asanas to balance doshas
  • Pranayamas to balance doshas
  • Rituals to balance doshas

The Process:
1. Self-Awareness
We begin with self-knowledge; knowing your dosha and how to use all of these tools to harmonize your dosha.

2. Satsang
Community, group discussion and practices will further develop your expertise.

3. Tapas
Feed our inner fire, expand our light and direct our attention to our intentions

This is a spiritual offering designed to pranafy our sattva and as a teacher, it will deepen your confidence to offer one-on-one yoga practices combined with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Time and Dates:
This is a 50-hour program. 33 hours of group practice (3 hours/week for 11 weeks) and 17 hours of home study.
Dates: Thursdays June 1 to August 10
Time: 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Fee: $745.00 + HST
Earlybird: $695.00 + HST (Before May 15)
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The program is offered Thursdays because it is Jupiter/Ganesh day (wisdom/teacher) and the time because 4-6 is the most auspicious time to practice.

What if you’re on vacation and need to miss a couple of classes?
Classes will be recoded through Zoom. It won’t be perfect but it will help provide some of what you missed.

200-hour hatha yoga teacher training certification
Knowledge of gunas and doshas
A regular practice

Required Book
Yoga for Your Type by David Frawley and Sandra Summerfield Kozak