In-Studio Training
Teaching Yoga On The Ball
With Michael Fahey

Saturday November 25, 2023
12:00 – 6:00 p.m.
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Learn how to teach yoga classes to improve balance, strength, flexibility and mindfulness using the Ball.

Introduced in North America beginning in the mid-nineties the Swiss Ball was first used for orthopedic patients and sports medicine. Since then, it has also been used in the training of Olympic athletes as well as an addition in Pilates and Yoga classes.

Benefits of Using the Swiss Ball in Yoga Classes: 

  • Being on the ball will slow things down and make you move mindfully.
  • As soon as your hips move, even slightly, so will the ball. Controlling the ball while working on your postures develops the small deep core muscles which then support the outer muscles effectively. Developing a strong core helps to prevent injuries and lower back pain.
  • The other major benefit of working on the ball is balance. Simply sitting on the ball has so many balance benefits, moving your hips in circles gets the ball moving in a circle. This develops strength in the core but also makes this strong connection to the feet and the Earth.
  • Bouncing on the ball creates a dynamic, yet safe , cardiovascular workout that will protect your heart and lungs. Moreover, the ball cushions your body as you bounce, at the same time training the feet to safely absorb the impact of landing.
  • Lifting the ball in the air with the arms or the legs adds resistance. Taking weight on your hands or your feet while your body partially rests on the ball adds weight bearing.
  • No where can the degree of weight transfer be better practiced than on a ball. When we lift one leg or one arm, we cause a shift in weight and a rapid adjustment must be made in the body. Working the upper and lower torso requires the simultaneous participation of the entire body and quick and flexible motor control.

You will Learn:

  • How to measure a ball for a student;
  • How to practice Hatha yoga postures on the ball;
  • How to know when a student is ready or not ready for a pose;
  • Variations of the same posture for accessibility;
  • How the ball gives you the support to work on a more challenging pose;
  • Sequences for a beginner and intermediate class; and
  • And how to make it a whole lot of fun.

You will feel confident in offering beginner and intermediate Yoga on the Ball classes to: 

  • Improve balance;
  • Increase flexibility;
  • Improve mindfulness; and
  • Strengthen the core.

200-hour hatha yoga teacher training certification.

Date: Saturday November 25, 2023
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
$199.00 + HST (includes handout)
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About Michael Fahey:

Michael is a professional actor, musician, singer, songwriter, yoga and qigong teacher. He has been practicing and studying yoga since he was a teenager and has been to India three times to further his studies. With 40 years of teaching experience his classes focus on Yoga therapy; working with alignment of the pelvis and how this affects the whole body, the hemispheres of the brain, the patterns of movement and thought. He has been teaching yoga on the ball for 20 years.