To book a Private Session with Maddalena, please call the studio at (613) 591-9642.

Fee for 60 minute Intro Session: $100.00 plus HST
Fee for 60 minute Single Session: $120.00 plus HST
Fee for 4-Session Pass: $360.00 plus HST

The traditional Usui Reiki Healing is a natural healing modality and stress relieving technique that improves health and supports natural balance of mind, body, and spirit.  This non-invasive approach has been proven to reduce mental and physical stress, diminish physical pain, and release emotional trauma and blockages.  It speeds up recovery time from illness and/or injury, and deepens your Spiritual connection, as well as your innate Self healing capabilities.  This type of healing has been increasing in demand in schools, hospitals, hospices, and even prisons because the results speak for themselves, and individuals are recognizing that they have a strong influence on their own healing journey.

Crystal Healing modality has been practiced all around the world for over 3000 years and involves the placement of crystals and gemstones on and around the physical body and amplifies the energetic healing of Reiki.  In your healing session specific crystals and gems are used to bring personalized healing to your unique, individual needs.  Some stones work better on the physical body, some work better on the emotions, and some unleash the Soul from blockages, but what is for certain is that crystal healing will only intensify the healing potential you are seeking.

These modalities naturally complement each other, together they provide a truly Holistic Healing experience.

What to Expect from your Healing Session:

~ Deep relaxation

~ Accelerated

~ Vibrations and sensations throughout your body

~ Soothes & reduces physical pain

~ Uplifts mood, improving states of depression

~ Cut ties and remove emotional blockages

~ Deepens personal Spiritual connection, with yourself and others.


Maddalena is a Usui Reiki Master, as well as trained Crystal Healer.  She has been offering energy healing treatments for over 8 years, and has worked with over 300 clients with great success. Having been through illness and disease herself, and healed and recovered through holistic means she has made it her life’s work to educate and assist others on their own healing journey.

Pursuing natural health and vitality, Maddalena continues her education, and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and is currently training to become an Ayurvedic Counsellor. Maddalena is enthusiastic in using these modalities to further understand the unique perspectives of her clients.

When you are ready to embark on the personal journey of Energy Healing, Maddalena will be there to gently guide you.  During your time together, you will develop the confidence that will empower to believe what you might of forgotten, and that is that you are more powerful than you think.  You have everything you need to heal within you.  Sometimes, a reminder of that power is all we need to activate it!