Welcome Beginners! As a newcomer to yoga it can feel intimidating to find the right the class for your needs. You probably have all sorts of questions — What do I need to bring, what do I wear…What if I am not flexible enough?

Yoga is a practice that is open to all
The many yoga approaches allow the practice to be adapted to the needs of the individual.

Why do people practice yoga?
Some people practice to reduce stress and improve mental clarity, some practice to reduce inflammation and sports induced injuries, some want to enhance flexibility and strength, and others are here for the meditative benefits. What you want from the practice will determine the class you prefer and how often you come to class.

Tips to make your practice more enjoyable
Avoid eating right before class. It’s best to come at least two hours after a meal. Bring water, but ideally, drink before and after class, not during class.

How often should you practice yoga?
It is best to be regular over a long period of time than to be intense for a short period of time. If your schedule allows for one class/week and you commit to that one class per week you will experience valuable and lasting benefits. If you have more time and can practice two or three times per week take advantage of that flexibility.

How to stay motivated?
We know that life is busy and we can get caught up with all the to-do’s so here are a few tips to help you stay motivated:
1. Remind yourself that self-care is community care. You are not selfish for taking time for yourself.
2. Put the time and day of the weekly class of choice in your schedule the same way you would for a weekly meeting.
3. A distracted practice is better than no practice. We all have days when we feel low energy. You can still come to practice and work with the energy that you have that day. Yoga is a practice that meets us where we are.

If you have questions, reach out. We would be happy to hear from you.
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