Our Private Group Yoga classes are perfect for all levels, even beginners. Private virtual or on-site classes are personalized and focus on specific fitness and health goals that pertain to your team members. Your staff will be able to ask questions, make requests, and receive helpful cues and feedback from the yoga teachers. Start experiencing all the benefits of virtual yoga classes today.

Choose from:
Hatha Yoga
• Active yoga sequenced at a moderate pace to improve overall strength and flexibility while decreasing tension.
• Emphasis on improved alignment and relief for chronic areas of tension for desk workers, such as the hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck.
• Each class ends with guided deep breathing and relaxation to help your staff return to work refreshed.
• Appropriate for beginners and intermediate students.

Yoga Flow
• Flow at a steady pace through a sequence of floor, balancing, and standing postures designed to help unwind tension.
• Emphasis on mindful movement, core awareness, deep breathing, and building strength and stamina in transitions.
• Appropriate for those with some yoga experience.

Mindfulness & Relaxation
• This class is designed to help your staff deepen their breathing, improve mental clarity and focus, and restore the nervous system.
• Move through gentle stretches, simple movements, mindfulness exercises, and end with guided deep relaxation.
• Appropriate for everyone, including beginners and those with injuries.

Or: Request a customized offering to meet your unique needs. Our instructors are certified in multiple modalities including Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Yin, Group fitness, Somatic Yoga, and more!

For more information and pricing, please contact:
Glenda Rodriguez – Program Manager
(613) 591-YOGA (9642) x507