Delivered by our talented team of Beyond Yoga Studio experts, our Staff Development Workshops are presented virtually and can accommodate up to 100 participants.

For more details and pricing please contact Glenda Rodriguez, Program Manager at or reach us at in-studio at (613) 591-9642.

Breathe Easy: The Anatomy of the Breath with Sylvie Gouin

As one of the greatest sources of energy, conscious breathing is free and always available. Developing the habit to breathe deeply is a powerful practice and going back to our true and natural breath requires knowledge, practice and guidance.

This interactive workshop includes:

  • A short presentation on the anatomy of the breath;
  • How to remove obstructions on the breath; and
  • How to gradually improve the quality of the breath.

Sitting techniques are done in a chair or on a meditation cushion.
Standing techniques are done barefoot or with flat comfortable shoes.

About your Instructor:
Sylvie Gouin:
As a Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, her expertise are expressed in her skills as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, a Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Specialist, and Astrologer. With these being interrelated practices, the more we understand and integrate one, the better we understand and can integrate another. This is why her lifestyle, teachings, and consulting services bring all of them to life.

She loves working with people of all ages and all walks of life in both private and group settings. Her 20+ years of experience have allowed her to teach and consult with people who want to benefit from these holistic practices for personal well-being, as well as for healing or managing a particular issue. She also offers certification programs for aspiring teachers and provides training for current teachers who want to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga and Ayurveda for personal growth or to better share their knowledge with their students or clients. She is a regular contributor to magazines and online publications and the author of Inspired Living a Guided Yoga Journal. Her website is:

New! Healthy Boundaries for a Happy Life with Julia Rose

Establishing healthy boundaries is a key way to take care of ourselves, and to feel more happiness, freedom, and empowerment in our lives. In this workshop, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries in all areas of your life: career, family, friendships, relationships, and with children.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What healthy boundaries look like
  • Signs you are losing or have lost your boundary
  • The difference between a boundary and a barrier
  • How to shift from people-pleasing to being true to yourself
  • How to give yourself space to make the right decisions for you
  • Vocabulary for setting boundaries

About your Instructor:
Julia Rose:
As a professional coach, Julia is passionate about helping others live their best lives, and supporting them with their healing, growth, and transformation. Over the past 15 years, Julia has worked as a leader, mentor, and coach in the corporate world; inspiring others to realize their full potential, get unstuck from limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals. Julia is a certified coach with Integral Coaching Canada, a yoga/meditation instructor, and Reiki therapist. Visit her website at


Introduction to Meditation: A one hour interactive experience with Cathy Nolan

This workshop offers an engaging and experiential introduction to meditation including:

  • the benefits of meditation,
  • an exploration of various forms of meditation with guided mini-practices,
  • a framework to successfully begin to integrate meditation into your employees’ lives.


Looking for a follow-up series to our intro to meditation session?

New! 4-Week Meditation Series: 30 minute Meditation Break with Cathy Nolan

Developing a regular meditation practice has a cumulative positive impact on physical, mental and emotional health.

Practice and experience a 30-minute guided meditation break which will increase your mental strength and clarity, improve your self awareness, enhance your focus and concentration and improve overall health and wellness.

Each week a different meditation and hand mudra will be offered.

Week 1:           Prana / Mantra Meditation   

Week 2:           Body Scan Meditation

Week 3:           Visualization Meditation        

Week 4:           Chakra Meditation 

About Your Instructor:
Cathy Nolan:
Cathy has been a fitness enthusiast her entire life and teaches a variety of fitness, Pilates and yoga classes. Cathy starting practicing yoga in 2005 to compliment her fitness regime and quickly discovered the wonderful benefits of being on a yoga mat. It brought a sense of peace and calmness to her mind, body and soul which led her wanting to know more. In 2017 Cathy completed her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Bahamas under the direction of Swami Brahmanada and continues on the path of learning, evolving and growing.
Other certifications include: Yoga Nidra through the California College of Ayurveda, Yin Yoga and Gentle Yoga for Active Aging at Beyond School of Yoga, Pilates Mat Instructor through East to West and Group Fitness Specialist through CanFit.
She encourages curiosity and exploration of body and mind and looks forward to sharing her love and knowledge of yoga with you.

Holistic Nutrition: Lunch & Learn, Nutrition Presentations, Group Wellness Coaching with Leyette Ross


Lunch & Learn, Nutrition Presentations:
30 to 60 minute customized group sessions are available on a variety of nutrition, health and wellness topics delivered in a practical and engaging way.

Topic may include:

  • Mindful Eating for Better Health
  • Meal Planning Made Simple
  • The Importance of Taking Lunch Breaks
  • Nutrition for Better Energy
  • Balanced Nutrition, Working Remotely
  • & More!

Group Holistic Nutrition Coaching:
Group coaching offers an opportunity for shared experience to increase knowledge and celebrating success.

  • 6 or 12 week Wellness Programs
  • Weekly presentations and coaching sessions
  • Action plans and info sheets
  • Unlimited support

“Thank you for the wonderful, informative presentation today. I appreciate you answering all of my questions and the recipes you shared. I am looking forward to using the tools you provided to help rethink my meal planning and food choices to increase my energy and better overall health.”

About your Instructor:
Leyette Ross:
As a registered holistic nutritionist, Leyette incorporates a mind-body-spirit connection into every personalized, well-rounded wellness plan. From a focus on natural, whole foods, individualized meal plans and recipes, to  lifestyle assessments and recommendations, all plans are tailored to your group’s unique needs in pursuit of optimal health.


Yoga at Your Desk: an Introduction to Chair Yoga

This 45 to 60 minute virtual workshop provides employees with a fun and functional approach to simple postures and movements designed to release tension and boost energy at their desk – at home or at the office!

  • Learn and experience the benefits of a chair yoga practice including improving your balance, building strength, boosting energy, and increasing flexibility.
  • Seated and standing postures integrating the use of a chair.
  • Grounding and simple breathwork exercises to move from feelings of stress to an enhanced state of well-being and mental focus.
  • Guided relaxation and short meditation.



For more information and pricing, please contact:
Glenda Rodriguez – Program Manager
(613) 591-YOGA (9642) x507