Yoga Breath

Mirror, Mirror

So, sometimes when life gets busy, I sneak into the studio a few minutes before my class to practice yoga before actually teaching it.  The other day when I was in the beautiful Sky room at Beyond, it occurred to me there were no mirrors.  While I obviously have been … Read more

The Space Between…

Sometimes when I am teaching, particularly a Hatha class or maybe a Vinyasa Flow and I invite the students to pause for a moment, I can almost feel the wave of annoyance ripple through the room.  What!? Pause!? We don’t want to pause. We don’t have time to pause.  Go, … Read more


This title amuses me, which is ironic, because I wrote it.  I am not fearless.  I fear many things; those dark scary ones we all have, to the milder, somewhat unique fears probably exclusive to me.  Also, I believe some fears are necessary.  They are why we have survived as … Read more