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Do the leggings make the yogi?

I have 27 pairs of yoga leggings.  That may seem excessive, well, because it is a bit.  I could justify this by explaining some are fleece lined, some are capris, but honestly yoga leggings, like peanut butter cups and tree pose, are my kryptonite. Much to my absolute delight, yoga … Read more

Spring is here…maybe…

Ahhh, spring!  The snow is melting, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, spring is definitely here…well maybe.  I live in Ottawa and spring can be fickle, especially in the beginning it plays with our mind a little bit.  You smell it in the air and the next morning … Read more

The Space Between…

Sometimes when I am teaching, particularly a Hatha class or maybe a Vinyasa Flow and I invite the students to pause for a moment, I can almost feel the wave of annoyance ripple through the room.  What!? Pause!? We don’t want to pause. We don’t have time to pause.  Go, … Read more