Do the leggings make the yogi?

I have 27 pairs of yoga leggings.  That may seem excessive, well, because it is a bit.  I could justify this by explaining some are fleece lined, some are capris, but honestly yoga leggings, like peanut butter cups and tree pose, are my kryptonite.

*I wasn’t kidding (a few are in the laundry.)

*I wasn’t kidding (a few are in the laundry.)

Much to my absolute delight, yoga wear is currently in fashion, (in Ottawa especially).  Surprisingly fashion can be a polarizing topic, not just in the yoga world, but in the actual world. Sometimes this is for good reason: fashion models are often a body type achievable by less than 1% of the population; some trends can only be afforded by less than 10% of the population; and sometimes what is in vogue is really uncomfortable (does anyone else remember jelly shoes?).  So to link fashion and yoga may seem blasphemous!  One is built on the beauty of the inside, and one is built on the perceived beauty of the outside.  However, when done right, both can make you feel awesome.

*one of my favorite yogis whose wardrobe (and alignment cues) I covet regularly.

*one of my favorite yogis whose wardrobe (and alignment cues) I covet regularly.

Have you noticed lately that yoga leggings are everywhere, not just in my closet but in a lot of closets?  They are available in all sizes and all price points.  There are even legging parties.  Yoga leggings have become the Tupperware of today.

*lovely party Sarah…Yes, I believe I will try a pair of those leggings.

*lovely party Sarah…Yes, I believe I will try a pair of those leggings.

Now when I am at a yoga class, it is no longer a sea of black pants and tops, there are multiple patterns and colours parading through our Ottawa studio.  There is a school of thought that perhaps yoga leggings should not be worn outside of yoga class, but I say, why not!  We are busy people, let’s be comfortable, especially now that comfortable is fashionable.  What is most fashionable, often most comfortable, and perhaps even most yogic, is wearing what makes you feel great.  If bright colours and patterns make you happy, so be it, rock it!  In the same vein, if muted colours and monochromatic is more your scene, own it!

*Every time I teach at Beyond Yoga Ottawa I have to resist these and many more.

Fashion, like yoga, can be tailored to your style.  Practice and wear what works for you.  And if that is a Yin class with a bright pair of crazy patterned leggings with a fluorescent top good for you! If that means Hatha in all black, all cotton, awesome!  You should always feel good about how you look; on and off the yoga mat.  Yoga is feeling good about yourself, in your own skin, and in your own outfit.  So, in answer to the original question, no the yoga leggings do not make the yogi, the person makes the yogi, but she gets to choose her own outfit.

3 Responses to “Do the leggings make the yogi?”

  1. Cara-Lynne! I love this post so much. I love fashion and I love yoga and this post is just so well done. Also, I would have a very hard time resisting those leggings with the lotus on them.

    • Cara-Lynne Auld says:

      Thanks Nicole, I really appreciate the feedback, especially from such a fashionable yogi. The Lotus ones are particularly difficult to resist, they are also so soft. However, as you read, I have a few, so I try. Thanks again. Namaste.

  2. Brenda siebarth says:

    They are lovely but if your out in public and are well rounded remember a longer top is your best frien!

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