108 ways to spring clean…

Years ago, I was working a crazy job, with crazy hours and really didn’t have much else going on.  So, through much pondering and discussion I decided to adopt a dog.  I was pretty specific with what I was looking for.  I wanted a blonde, female lab type dog approximately four or five years old.  When I went to the OSPCA there she was. Blonde, female, and sweet as pie as she crawled over on her belly for a head scratch, she was perfect.  Right in front of me was exactly what I had asked for and yet, I came home with this guy.

*Oh, Benson…

I have never regretted that decision.  Not after he destroyed my couch, not after he ate my university degree and not even after the indescribable sadness felt when after over 13 years together we lost him to cancer.  Without any doubt, Benson was meant to be my dog.  But to this day, I wonder why I made that decision.  Have you ever done that?…Been presented with exactly what you wished for, and chose differently?  Been all prepared to walk down a pre-determined road and suddenly, almost without thinking, choose a different direction and forge a new path?

*the one on the right looks clearly more travelled but…

Some may call it instinct, or a gut feeling. In yoga it’s known as your fourth kosha, your intuition.  In yogic philosophy our being is comprised of five layers, or koshas: your physical body, your prana (energy), your mind, your intuition, and your deepest layer pure bliss.  Very loosely explained; to reach your two inner koshas (intuition and bliss) your three other (body, prana, and mind) have to be balanced and clear. If one layer is off, it won’t matter if all the other’s are great, there is no bliss.

*different layers, different bliss…same concept (and with a latte…yum!)

My problem is every spring, my body, my lungs and mind are so overflowing with junk that none of them are working harmoniously.  So, while thinking about my messed up koshas, I signed up for Su’s 108 Sun Salutations specialty class.  This many sun salutations seems daunting, however, I know Su, she’s incredible, encouraging and gracious, and will truly encourage everyone to move at their own pace.  On our own, together.  There is an acronym for TEAM: together everyone achieves more; that is definitely true in yoga. Because let’s be honest, with sun salutations on my own, on my best day I would probably finish at seventeen.  Together though, 108 is totally possible.

*honestly, she’s pretty fantastic…

And I believe that 108 Sun Salutations will help clear out the rubbish, spring clean if you will.  When your body and energy are balanced, and your mind is clear, your intuition may lead you down some interesting paths, but never the wrong one, and sometimes even a blissful one.  Regular yoga absolutely helps, however, there is magic in 108.  We’ve learned that life moves pretty fast, especially in the summer, so who doesn’t want to start theirs with a little bit of magic?


8 Responses to “108 ways to spring clean…”

  1. JRoc says:

    Benson!!!! What a companion.

  2. Brenda says:

    Karma is what life is about.Benson could have gotten another owner but neither his life or yours would have been the same.you were ment to be…lessons learned…

  3. Sally says:


  4. Christine says:

    Thirty years ago my kosha lead me to move to a city I had never been instead of the one I had always planned on. The reason for the decision has still never been revealed other than, I now believe, to began the path I was meant to travel.
    Thanks for the new understanding!

    • Cara-Lynne says:

      You should always be proud of yourself for making that decision Christine. It was a brave one, and obviously a good one. Namaste, Cara-Lynne

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