Baby you can drive my car…

Have you ever been stuck? Not in a ditch, although philosophically that too is probably relevant…but in life.  It can be a big stuck like career, relationship, or health stuck; or really it can be quite small like should I give up coffee, buy a new outfit, start a new routine kind of stuck.  The latter is how I have been feeling quite a bit this spring.

Months ago, in Yoga Nidra (highly recommended), Kimberly said something quite brilliant, she probably said many brilliant things but honestly I was so blissed out for most of the hour only this one stuck: “Yoga is a vehicle that gets you where you need to go”.

*We had this car when I was a child, the rear window would fall out regularly, but it got us where we needed to go…usually.

This thought of yoga being a vehicle, came back to me last Sunday when I was driving to a class that I didn’t really want to go to.  I always love Diane’s Sunday morning Hatha class, but it was snowing (in April!), and I was feeling lazy and really just wanted coffee.  But having no real excuse and secretly hoping yoga would take me where I needed to go that day, I went.  And thank goodness I did.

I wish I could tell you specifically how yoga helps us to get unstuck, like it did for me that morning.  How it creates space, provides connection and changes energy. How it enlightens us, energizes us, calms us and drives us.  How it is magic.  But honestly, even though I see it every day when I teach, and I feel it every day when I practice, it is very hard to explain that magic, but trust me my friends, it is there.

*serious yoga magic – honestly, I felt this amazing, although I don’t think we actually did tree pose.

So, I truly believe yoga in any form is great, but I will tell you why I needed a class that morning instead of practicing at home.  It’s simple, at home I would have rolled my mat back up after approximately 7 minutes and made coffee.  However, in class, general etiquette requires I stay there for the duration.

*Exactly where I would have been 7 minutes after starting yoga at home that day…except probably online shopping, thinking new jeans was what I needed.

And this is what I was reminded that blistery Sunday morning in Diane’s always magical Hatha class.  Yoga totally is the vehicle that takes you where you need to go, but you need to give it time to get you there.  And if one hour of yoga can take you on a great journey, imagine what 30 days can do?

*Imagine if you went on that journey with friends. Our Spring 30 Day Challenge starts Monday!

Please note: the Magical Mystery Tour bus will not be at the studio during the Spring 30 Day Challenge.  Good energy and great people will be.  Truly, this is your time to shine.

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7 Responses to “Baby you can drive my car…”

  1. Janet says:

    Awesome words, the magic never ends! Thanks Cara-Lynne.

  2. Cara-Lynne says:

    Thank you Janet. I appreciate that very much.

  3. Laura says:

    You’ve put into beautiful words how I feel about my yoga journey. Thank you!

    • Cara-Lynne Auld says:

      Well, thank you Laura. Yoga is such a cool journey, it is always great to hear when others share it. Namaste.

  4. Cara-Lynne Auld says:

    Thanks Erika. There is definitely something magical about a great yoga class, and a great album. Namaste.

  5. Kelli Warren says:

    Every time I go to yoga, the teacher always has something brilliant to say which sticks in my mind, for the day at least, and it makes my day so much better. I hate missing yoga class because I love that every class and teacher are different with their own way of practicing. Some things are starting to stick: remembering the strings tied to my legs in bridge (Carole), to stay in the present and not lean back into the past or lean forward into the future while in warrior 2 (Cara-Lynn), engage my glutes in Cobra / back bends (Dawn-Marie), engage my thighs turning in & be strong in mountain or rising from Forward bend (Kimberly), move from my pelvis, hips, shoulders, ankles, not my belly, legs, arms & feet (Richard), and so much more!!! Thank you Beyond Yoga!! 🙂

    • Cara-Lynne Auld says:

      Wow Kelli, thank you. Sincerely what a thoughtful comment. As a teacher, I am honoured that you feel that way. As a fellow student, I completely agree, I often joke I wish I could bring a notebook to class to write down so many great remarks. Beyond is a great community Kelli, thank you for being such a part of it. Namaste, Cara-Lynne

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