C’mon Baby Light My Fire…

So, it’s January in Ottawa.  And while it’s almost over, and really hasn’t been particularly brutal, the blahs just always seem to set in.  While I know very well that blah isn’t actually a technical term, don’t you start to feel that way as winter just drags on? Blah!

*Beautiful, but honestly, where does it end?











If you are like me, most of your resolutions have run their course by now and while even if we have a moment of milder weather, we are experienced enough in the National Capital Region to know regardless of what that groundhog sees, we really won’t see spring for many more weeks. So, how do we get through winter?  Through the grey days, sloppy snow, bus cancellations (eek!) and still maintain that joie de vivre…that zest for life?

*sure they have a joie de vivre, but could they maintain it struggling with snowsuits and freezing rain?











Many many scientific articles discuss how staying positive, active and inspired helps us be healthier, happier humans.  Yogic philosophy highlights this through discussing our Manipura, our third chakra.  It’s element is fire and it holds our self-esteem, sense of purpose, our sense of self.  When our Manipura is ignited and in balance we can brave life, and well winter, like the self confident yogic warriors we are.  Many of us struggle with this thought, especially at this time of year, not only with the energetic feelings of confidence and faith in ourselves, but with the actual physical ailments of an unbalanced Manipura. Like issues with digestion and metabolism.

There is a workshop coming to Beyond Yoga called Ignite Your Inner Fire with Veronique Dumont.  Full disclosure, I have never been a student of Ms. Dumont.  I know however, that it will be fantastic workshop for two definitive reasons: I wholeheartedly trust the yogi who is bringing her to our studio; and the workshop summary alone elicits the question “what ignites your inner fire?”  Do we ask ourselves this enough?  Especially as we plod through winter?  Do you wonder aloud, or to yourself, what you need to feel inspired, confident and strong?  What do you need to light your fire?

Maybe it’s curling, painting, playing in the snow with your family, laughing with your best friend, skating on our beloved canal, or maybe it’s carving out seven delicious hours with a Master Yogi who will help you find your spark.  Whatever it is, seriously consider gifting yourself with it this winter.  After all, the loose translation of Manipura is lustrous gem.  Lustrous gem, so if your inner fire is ignited and balanced, you are strong precious and glowing…is there a better way to finish winter than like that?

*The colour of the third chakra is often considered yellow, but being a bit of a glam girl, I like to think of it as the less commonly used gold….just imagine feeling like this on the inside.











Quick side note: at a Master yoga class the only individual in the room that needs to be a Master at yoga is the instructor.  You, like for all great yoga classes, just need to show up, and unroll your mat.

P.S. I would love to hear what you think, what ignites your fire, or how you survive these winter months.  Please “Leave a Reply” below, or you can email me directly at: yogabeyondwords@gmail.com

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