Jedi Mind Tricks

So, recently pink eye, an ear infection, a respiratory virus and the shingles all hit our house all in the same week.

*Not these shingles.

I would love to say I handled this week with the grace and strength of a good vinyasa flow, but honestly, upon the last diagnosis I crawled into my bed, hid under the covers, and cried for a good minute (and by a good minute, I mean like ten).  To say it wasn’t fun would be a gross understatement, in fact, there was a moment where I really doubted I could cope.

*Seriously, I can’t come out just yet…

But then you guessed it, there was yoga.  Now I didn’t jump out of bed, unroll my mat and practice a few vigorous sun salutations.  In fact, I barely lifted my head as I looked around what I think is a tastefully decorated bedroom and remembered this: there are women and men who do this without a bedroom.  Women and men who cope with everything life throws their way without security, health care or even clean water.  And I didn’t even need to cope without our local Farm Boy ready made counter.

*Thankfully, it’s just down the street.

Before I continue, I want you to realize I know I always say…this is what is awesome about yoga, but honestly this is what is awesome about yoga.  You can practice it anywhere, at any time.  You can call it gratitude, perspective or raja yoga, yoga of the mind.  Raja yoga, often defined as yoga of the mind, is channelling your thoughts and emotions in the direction you want them to go.  And while the actual physical practice of yoga, the asanas, are a great format to help you do this, they are not essential every time.  You don’t need to unroll your yoga mat to remember that 663 million people live without access to safe water. Six hundred and sixty-three million people, probably a lot of them children, without water.

*Makes this seem way more than half full.

I would love to say that I then handled the rest of the week graciously, but we all know that’s not true.  Nevertheless, it was a lot better than I first thought it would be.  During the maelstrom of germs and exhaustion, that number of 663 million women, men and children, kept my feet on the ground and my head in the game.  It is amazing, how simply changing your thoughts, can change your moment, change your day and honestly even change your life.

*Dramatic, but true.

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