Let’s Go Crazy…

Ah, the New Year, how I love the New Year, a fresh start.  The first week of January always feels so ripe with possibilities.  The chance to reinvent yourself, your life, your future.  My love of the new year and new beginnings often leads me to go a little crazy with the resolutions.

Well, let’s be honest, I’m a complete resolution junkie.  This year (so far) I have resolved to drink more water, go to bed earlier, declutter our entire house, eat more fish, get outdoors everyday, do yoga everyday, judge less, drink coffee less, have more patience, and organize my life.  Really, the list continues but you get the picture.

*They are all in my head…and apparently now in this blog.

The idea of a fresh start is intoxicating.  Even if you like yourself okay, which incidentally I do, the chance to become a little more, a little better is hard to resist.  Case in point, for Christmas I requested knitting needles because this was the year I was going to become crafty (bless my Mom who knows me and included the gift receipt so I could return them and just buy the toque).

*this was my third knitting project, I’m not kidding, I figured I could handle the thumb holes, after knitting a toque and some leg warmers.

In my planning and plotting for 2017, I came across an article that explains the 27 steps that are needed to make your resolutions stick.  Now I am definitely not the mathematician in the family, but even I can calculate that if one has 11 resolutions, and each one needs 27 steps…that is a lot.

*I may need a new agenda to work this out…

Here is where I really wish I was kidding, I actually spent 30 minutes at Chapters perusing the new agendas deciding which one works best for my new life.

This is where yoga comes in.  I may have mentioned this before but yoga is awesome when I go a little crazy.  Time spent on the mat is great not only for the balance and perspective, but for the acceptance of who I am, who I can be, and who I probably will always be.  FYI, I never bought the agenda, years of experience (and a little perspective) reminded me that most of my resolutions don’t make it past the 14th, so my gift card was better spent on a new coffee mug I had been coveting.

Let’s Go Crazy is one of my all time favourite Prince songs (bless his soul).  The opening lyric I find particularly endearing and very relevant: “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life”.  Really, isn’t that what we are all trying to do. Just get through life.  And honestly, here in Ottawa and the Valley for the most part we are just trying to get through January.

*I love this city, but it is cold.

Happy New Year!