Live Out Loud Everyday

I love living in Kanata, it’s a great suburb of a great city, with great neighbours, restaurants and my favorite yoga studio.  However, I will forever be charmed for all things Montreal.  From great fashion, to cool architecture to a particularly smart nephew with a great laugh. Live Out Loud Everyday (or Lolë) is the new Montreal based clothing brand at Beyond.  I immediately fell in love with their philosophy, their acronym, and, well, of course their leggings.

*Anyone want to guess how much I covet these? Pssst…they’re sustainable too.

Live Out Loud Everyday!  What a beautiful inspirational philosophy.  But, as always, there is the inevitable predicament when you want to adopt a new outlook, it can add pressure to our already pressure filled lives.  Particularly if, like yours truly, you are a bit of an introvert.  Who wants to feel “Oh good grief, now in addition to groceries, laundry and carpooling I have to live out loud everyday”?  In fact, what does living out loud even mean?  Where do you even begin?

*Oh, the yoga mat, always a great place to start.

The physical benefits of yoga are great, countless and listed everywhere.  For me however, nothing compares to the mental benefits of this great practice.  About a week or so ago, I was teaching a gentle yoga class, it was quite an eclectic group, but as we gently flowed into Warrior II something really cool happened: everyone, and I mean everyone, owned it.  These women, from many walks of life, were right there on their mat, clearly feeling confident, powerful, unstoppable.  Honestly, their energy of living out loud was palpable, and it was awesome.

*like spring in Ottawa kind of awesome!

Warrior II, or Vira II as the cool kids call it, does that.  I am not sure if I can explain the magic, but honestly, something happens when you take that wide stance, ground down through your feet, lunge your front leg and raise your arms parallel to the floor. It’s a powerful pose.  It inspires, bolsters confidence and makes you feel like you can truly own the moment.  If you are ever feeling shaky or unsure, spend five good breaths here, I promise you it will alter your frame of mind.  It does for me, every time.  Even when the cool yoga studio I work for was nominated for an award of excellence and I was lucky enough to be invited to the West Ottawa Business Gala.  Instead of panicking how I had never actually attended a Gala, I put my introverted tendencies in a pretty purse, donned some sparkly shoes and went.

*The whole night was great, but I really had to show you the shoes.

Live out loud everyday.  There is no pressure.  No one expects you to be centre stage, but you should be, in your own life.  Why not be “the greatest version of the grandest vision ever held about you”? You deserve it.  Live out loud everyday, whatever that means for you personally.  Now is your time to shine.

*I love how these women shine, everyday, inside and out.

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