Well, I’m Slim Shady…

Have you ever lost your mojo?  Your self-confidence?  Your aplomb?  It happened to me a few weeks ago. I was sort of drifting, more emotional than usual (and ask around, that’s pretty emotional), just feeling unsure.  This may sound silly to some, but honestly I kind of lost my pluck.

Slim Shady is a very inappropriate Eminem song from my youth.  From my pre-suburbia days, when I had the world at the toes of my tall black boots and was very clear of who I was, naïve maybe, but confident.

*Oh, how I loved those boots…

*Oh, how I loved those boots…

When I do get a little lost, I find there are three things that consistently bring me back…listening to loud, perhaps risqué, music; my friends who have known me since even before I wore those boots; and yes, you guessed it, yoga.

The other night, I was at Beyond Yoga for an “Evening of Inspiration” with Kathie Donovan, she was great (as were honestly the cookies after), and something she said stuck with me.  Very loosely translated she explained to succeed you need to have boundaries, confidence and be present in your own life.

Whenever people start talking about boundaries, I think of yoga mats.  Have you ever noticed in yoga class how everyone always gingerly steps around one another’s mats?  Even in a really crowded class, people respect the boundaries of your yoga mat.  No one’s asking you for something, or pulling on you, it’s your own dance space where you can just be for a moment.

*hard to tell from this picture, but she is actually on a yoga mat

*Hard to tell from this picture, but she is actually on a yoga mat.

Then, there’s confidence.  Now while I totally appreciate a good flow yoga sequence, I go ga-ga for holding a great warrior pose.  Warrior II (Virbhadransana II) is a crazy confidence boost; it makes you believe you can tackle anything.  And when in it “imagine aiming an arrow at your enemy’s heart”.  This may sound very un-yogic, but as a very wise yoga instructor once said to me “Maybe your enemy is fear, or self-doubt”…Aha, take that insecurity.

*Seriously, doesn’t this dude look like he could take on anything…

*Seriously, doesn’t this dude look like he could take on anything…

The opening lyrics of Slim Shady is “May I have your attention please?” While I’m not sure if Ms. Donovan is an Eminem fan, interestingly she too speaks about the need to be present, to pay attention.  That is yoga, learning to be in the moment.  When you are practicing yoga, you need to be present, or, well, you will fall over.  And since studies have shown the more you practice being present, the more present you will be, therefore the more you practice yoga…

I realize it’s easy for me to say all this, this week.  Honestly, I had to remind myself to unroll my yoga mat, to set some boundaries and crank some tunes.  But it feels so much better.  So, if you haven’t already, give yourself permission to do what you need to find your mojo, your pluck, you deserve it.  Incidentally, if it is listening to loud inappropriate music after dropping your baby off at Kindergarten, roll up the windows.

*Please keep moving children, that car is clearly not playing Twinkle Twinkle.

*Please keep moving children, that car is clearly not playing Twinkle Twinkle.

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4 Responses to “Well, I’m Slim Shady…”

  1. jean maves says:

    Good Afternoon Cara-Lynne! It makes me feel good when I read of someone else who feels how I do sometimes! To read that I will feel better by moving into the present moment is what I need for my confidence and moves me out of the punk feeling. I don’t remember the song but I sure remember the black boots I wore and “These Boots were Made for Walking!!!

    • Cara-Lynne Auld says:

      Thanks Jean. And yes, you are right, moving into the present moment, or even just breathing does often help get us out of a funk. Great song reference too Jean. I love how Nancy Sinatra’s last line is “are you ready boots?”, very apropos.

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi Cara-Lynne and others I’ve never taken any yoga classes yet I truly hope to at some point. I think I let my fears over run me it’s easy to say not to think about it or think positive. I’ve had serious medical issues which turned me into someone I don’t know. I get so depressed and angry and everyone says well take up yoga. But how do you do that when our very self conscious of your body and the big word “failure” is the only sound I hear in my head. Mom says for me to try meditation but I don’t know if I can sit still that long. I purchased one of the 30 day passes but I’m a coward when it comes to attending class. I wanted to try restorative yoga and the meditation classes but the second I got in there I had a panic attack and ran out of the building. Now I’m trying to psych myself in trying again.

    • Cara-Lynne Auld says:

      Hello Sheila, thank you so much for the comment. You are absolutely right, it is easy to say not to think about it, but not thinking about it, is actually very hard to do. Yoga is just a practice, there is no way to get it right, we are all just practicing. For me, that takes off some of the pressure to try to get it right. Honestly thought Sheila, one of the hardest things about yoga is getting yourself to class. Once you make through the door and onto your mat, the teacher tells you everything you need to do, it’s why we are there. And truly, there is no judgement in yoga. As I wrote in my first post, while as instructors we will watch to make sure you don’t injure yourself, we are just happy you showed up. Others are welcome to chime in here, but my personal recommendation is pick a class that appeals to you Sheila, (be that Gentle, Restorative, Meditation, etc.), but one that appeals to you, and works with your schedule. If you can, show up about 15 minutes early so you don’t feel rushed and just keep reminding yourself that you just need to get on your mat, the teacher will take it from there. The word Namaste, that we say at the end of the class, roughly means “the light that is in me, greets the light that is in you”. Sincerely, Sheila, thank you for commenting, good luck.


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