When the world turns black…

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and sometimes that curveball is actually a cannon ball, and it’s been covered in gasoline, lit on fire and thrown directly into your heart.  Grief is a strange thing, it’s completely universal, and totally personal.  And sometimes, in the depths of it, you truly believe nothing will help.  Not family, not time, and honestly, definitely not yoga.

But then as time passes and you slowly return to your mat, you learn something.  That even though you may still spend some Savasanas crying; many of those things in fact did help, just not in the way you thought they would.  You realize that while not even the best family and the greatest friends can take some pains away, it is good to have someone hold your hand in the dark.  You learn that while time doesn’t heal all wounds, it does help cover them so they are not so raw and jarring.  And interestingly, you discover that even when you were too sad to unroll your beloved mat, those yogic lessons you’ve learned over the years can carry you through the worst moments, like when nothing feels possible, just stay present and breathe.

Life is a journey my friends, with deep dark valleys and brilliant high peaks, live it well.

*Sun Peaks, Kamloops, British Columbia